March 5, 2016

What the Hell Happened to LIFE ON THE EDGE (1992)?

Jeff Perry, Andrew Prine, Martine Beswick, Denny Dillon, Thalmus Rasulala, Greta Blackburn, Jennifer Holmes, Jennifer Edwards in LIFE ON THE EDGE (1992)
What the hell happened to LIFE ON THE EDGE (1992)
I've been morbidly curious about a little lost film called Life on the Edge (1992) for a while now. Supposedly, it was this low-budget, sophomoric, USA Up All Night-type satirical yuck-fest about flakey New Age Angelenos at a party who get trapped in a hillside canyon house after a major earthquake, and hilariously raunchy shenanigans ensue. Fairly typical, right? Nothing spooky here. But get this: it's a lost film because, after its brief theatrical run, it was most likely buried in someone's basement because nobody saw, or heard, from it again!